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Talatech Latex Pillow with 100% Cotton Cover

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Item # 418*TALLATPIL

Available Sizes and Firmness

The pillow is available in two sizes: Regular and Queen. It is also available in two degrees of firmness: Medium and Firm.

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    The Original This is the original Latex Pillow from Latex Foam International and in our opinion, still the best. This pillow provides outstanding support for the neck and head because of the natural way the Latex will conform to the contours of the neck and head. Naturally Hypoallergenic and More This pillow is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial; thus, it is dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant. The 100% cotton cover is included. The Pillow for Life The Talatech Pillow is known as the "Pillow for Life" because it is so resilient, so comfortable, and so durable that you will never want or need another pillow again. Utilizing a solid Talalay latex core, the Talatech Pillow will conform perfectly to the specific contours of your head, for a pillow that feels as if it were designed and customized for your specific comfort needs. Talalay Latex The Talalay manufacturing process creates latex that is more consistent and supple than regular or Dunlop Latex. Talalay latex also keeps its shape better than regular Latex. It is more resilient. No Pressure Points Because the Talalay Latex Pillow does not cause pressure points, it is ideal for those recovering from surgery. It is ideal in any medical situation where gentle support is required and it provides a great night's sleep for anyone. Firmness is available in two levels, Medium and Firm. Naturally Ventilated and Resillient Talalay Latex features an open cell structure that allows for natural ventilation and increased resilience in comparison to standard latex or foam.

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