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Scissor Jack, Foot Section, Set of 2

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Item # 116*274.00.933

Sold in Sets of 2

The Foot Section Scissor Jack is sold in sets of 2. Two Foot Section Scissor Jacks are required for optimal stability without wobble.

Scissor Jack for Head Section Available

There is another Scissor Jack for the Head Section. Please see under "Related Products" along the right edge of this page.


  • Raising is achieved by simply lifting the foot section and releasing when the desired height is achieved. The engaging contact lever engages firmly and securely.
  • Lowering is achieved by lifting the engaged contact lever and pushing down on the raised section.
Range of Adjustment

The Foot Section Scissor Jack may be raised a maximum of 300 mm (ll.8") in 18 steps.
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    Application This Foot Section Scissor Jack allows the consumer to raise and lower the foot section of an adjustable bed, couch, French bed, and other furniture items. Method of Attachment The Foot Section Scissor Jack is attached with two mounting plates. Four Flat Head #6 and four Pan Head # 10 screws are required for a set of 2 Foot Section Scissor Jacks.

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    Mattress Size Twin