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36" Coco Liners for Traditional Window Boxes, Set of 2

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Item # 704*72502

Approximate Dimensions

36" Long x 7" Wide x 7" Deep.

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The included pictures are representative of the construction and finish of this item; they are not necessarily representative of the correct size. Please consult the dimensions statement above for information about the size of this item.
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    Preformed Coconut Liner The preformed coconut liner keeps your window box neat and tidy inside, and connects it to nature outside. These coco liners create a ���down-to-earth" feel and enhance the planters�۪ connection with nature. They keep the aesthetic design of the planters from being spoiled by unsightly roots and dirt, but still produce the effect of a natural growing environment. Perfect Match These preformed Coco-fiber liners are made to drop right into your existing window box. Dimensional Considerations This liner will fit the 36" Traditional Wall Trough / Window Box which measures approximately 36" Long x 7" Wide x 7" Deep Important Please measure your existing window box to ensure that these liners will fit. How Sold These Coco Liners are sold only as a set of 2

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